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Swimming Pool Installations, Kits and Accessories

Shutter Cover with BANC 'covered box' system
Shutters are available in Blue marble, sand, grey, Blue and white.
Shutter Cover with 'Open Surf' system
Finding a solution to adapt a classic step ladder for a shutter cover installation
Barred Security Cover, available in blue, green, Ivory, almond and grey.

From a replacement pool cover through to a complete swimming pool kit, we are able to offer an extensive range of equipment and accessories. We can assist those wishing to build their own pools or arrange a complete installation package.

Swimming Pool Security

Within France, there are very strict regulations and a legal requirement to put in place a system of safety and security for an ‘in the ground’ swimming pool.

(Above ground pools are not subject to the regulations)

Terrace Repair Required
Terrace repaired
Winter Debris Cover Installed
This law was originally passed on 1st January 2003. The body responsible for French safety standards is called AFNOR and any device or system put in place in France MUST have the AFNOR approved status and will have a code to show its compliance.

There are four approved methods of security system available:

1. Security Barriers/Fence - AFNOR standard: NF P90-306.
2. Pool Alarms - AFNOR standard: NF P90-307.
3. Pool Covers – Roller shutter, barred or security - AFNOR standard: NF P90-308.
4. Pool Abris - AFNOR standard: NF P90-309.

We can advise and help you in making the right choice of system, supply it and co-ordinate its installation.

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